How It Works

A 4 step process of the overall event

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You will need Law & Tech

Understanding the synergy between these two fields are essential to form an ultimate team as they rely on each other to improve the future of Malaysian legal industry.


- User Experience

- Market Validation

- Legal Experience

- Business Development

- Legal Advice

- Innovative Ideation


- Product Design

- Web Development

- Blockchain Development

- App Development

- Cloud Computing

- Artificial Intelligence

Pick a problem, then brainstorm!

Look at our problem statements here and pitch your ideas on how to solve those problems. Your MVP will be judged according to these problem statements.

Build, Innovate, Solve!

A minimum viable product (MVP) is essential to showcase your idea in terms of its feasibility and practicality. We don't require production-ready applications, but we would love prototypes!

Remember to aim for usability before moving on to next feature!

Pitch like you own it!

Detailed judging criteria to be released soon! Please follow our Facebook page to know when it's released!