Hackathon vs Marathon

Hackathon. It's a sprint! Not a marathon.

Despite its name, a Hackathon has nothing to do with running. In fact, a hackathon is more like a sprint than a marathon. Hackathon is an event where people from many different professions come together to solve (“hack”) a problem. Of course, with the raise of technological solutions in recent years, a Hackathon is very often technology centric and produces technological solutions to the problems of the industry.

Where a marathon is joined by people interested in achieving a new personal record amongst others, a hackathon is normally joined by people who are interested in solving a problem or improving the system they are in. This is because a hackathon allows people with ideas on how to improve or solve a problem to meet and collaborate with people with technology development know how. They will then team up to produce a minimum viable product by the end of the hackathon.

While runners at a marathon measure their run by distance and time, participants of a hackathon will be in the event between a day to a week depending on the event. This is because the goal of a hackathon is to build new projects, produce a fast and viable prototype, and then to present the prototype at the end of the hackathon. The prize, other than the feeling of satisfaction, is an opportunity to develop the product further and even get funding.

Legal Hackers KL is having Malaysia’s FIRST EVER LEGAL HACKATHON this October!

If you consistently wonder: “ah! Why can’t someone invent something to solve this problem?” Then join Malaysia’s FIRST EVER legal hackathon!

No, this does not mean that hackathons are not legal except for this one (though that will be a great selling point). This Legal Hackathon is specifically catered for everyone in the legal field, be it practising lawyers or in-house counsels or even chambering students and to everyone in the technology world (because lawyers don’t know maths and IT) who are interested to build something awesome for the legal world.

Don’t know any tech developers? Not to worry, Legal Hackers KL will match and team up people from these two worlds to make your dream (product) come true in this 48 hours event!